Asbestos Death Verdict

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$3.8 Million

Asbestos Death Verdict

The victim who died was a retired supervisor at a utility station. Doctors diagnosed him with mesothelioma in July 2009, and he died in August 2009. However, he had been suffering for several months before this.

The firm conducted extensive discovery to prove that he was exposed to asbestos dust created when equipment shook pipes, releasing dust from insulation that had been installed over many years and had become dry and brittle.

The defendant argued that numerous other companies were at fault for failing to warn of asbestos dangerous and from improperly maintained insulation.

Evidence our firm uncovered proved that the defendant violated the Walsh Healey Act that applied in the 1960s and OSHA rules that applied in the 1970s. Our firm proved the defendant was strictly liable as the premise owner.

After three days of testimony, the judge found defendant solely at fault and later awarded our client, the victim’s family, $3.8 million for their loved one’s pain and suffering.

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