Brain Injury Verdict

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$11.1 Million

Brain Injury Verdict

We secured an $11.1 million award for a former basketball player who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a wholly preventable car accident.

Our firm’s client was a single mother and only 28 years old, working to raise her daughter and finish school.  The firm proved the bridge our client was driving over had an improperly installed railing that created a blind spot that blocked the view of drivers attempting to enter an adjacent highway.

We uncovered evidence that local officials had complained about the blind spot for years and had asked for the state to remedy the problem – yet no action was taken.  The defendant fought to block the evidence of the previous complaint from the jury, but this was overruled by the judge.

Our firm is proud to have provided financial security for this victim’s daughter, and to have been a part of preventing accidents like this in the future.

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