Toxic Waste Settlement

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$29.5 Million

Toxic Waste Settlement

After we successfully won class certification for landowners living in communities adjacent to a hazardous waste disposal facility, Cecos International, who managed the site, agreed over to pay the landowners $29.5 million.

Our firm also successfully shut down further permitting requests by Cecos International to continue burying waste at the site.  Our firm gathered and presented evidence in court proving a connection between health problems suffered by area residents and the noxious chemicals that Cecos International had exposed them to by failing to place mechanical devices on its site which could have mitigated the dust and odors.

We uncovered, through its research of Department of Environmental Quality records, a history of the company failing to take sufficient measures to ensure proper treatment, storage, and disposal of the hazardous waste at its site.

Our firm is proud to have stopped additional illness and environmental damage from being caused by this dangerous facility.

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