Toxic Waste Settlement

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$32 Million

Toxic Waste Settlement

Justice was delivered to residents of a community in which a wood treatment plant had operated. The company used toxic chemicals in its operations, including creosote, which were improperly dumped at the plant site, seeping into the ground and waterways around it.

Due to exposure to these toxic chemicals, residents in the community surrounding the plant became ill. These victims also suffered severe damage to their properties.

The company that operated the plant tried to use legal maneuvering to avoid accountability for its wrongdoing. But we proved that the plant, which operated for years, was responsible for the contamination of surrounding areas. The environmental damage caused was so extreme, that that Environmental Protection Agency declared the area where the plant operated a Superfund Site.

Due to its tenacious commitment to the victims of this environmental disaster, the firm was able to secure a settlement of $32 million for the damage and suffering caused by the company’s actions.

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